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The Solution of this riddle is very easy and simple, because the key we need to solve this riddle is already given. Surprised? Yes, because the solution, which is obvious, is not in English, but in a Norwegian dialect as we soon will see. This is probably the reason why this riddle of the Shepherd monument is not solved a long time ago. And just the fact, that the code is given, fits well into what Oliver Lawn says: "No code of ten letters is possible to break definetely". He should of course have added: "If the code is not given". (Here is only eight letters).

When we look how this is written(1), we will see that the number of letters between D and M in the alphabeth is equal to the numbers of letters who is written above: "ouosvavv". It is eight. So we put in this eight letters in the alphabet between D and M (2). Then we make numbers of the letters in the second line like A=1, B=2,..E=5,etc., like (3):5,6,7,etc. And we do the same to the inscription above, make numbers of the letters and used their number in the alphabet.(4) Then we put together these to lines of numbers. But if we got a number higher than 26, then we must take away 26 because the alphabeth has no more letters than 26. (The Norwegian alphabeth has 29 letters today, but not at the time this Shugborough inscription were made.) Then we got one line with eight numbers(4/5). In (5) we go the opposite way, make letters of the numbers. Then we got the solution in (5).

But what means TA : VA : EK : GH ? Except GH who is and old fashion way to start writing the name of Jesus:GHesus. In older time, and in some word to day, in Norway, the letter of G is pronounced like the letter of J. Commonly the letter G is pronounced "the hard way", more likely K but softer. See (6). Jesus is the same as Joshua in English. (I am the way, the truth and the life..)

And where in Norway do the people talks like this who is not common Norwegian? The pronouncing of the letters and words may vary different places in Norway - but we do indeed understand each other! So if you go to the part of Norway called Sogn - the district with the longest fiord in the world, Sognefjorden - you will hear people speak like this; "Da va eg (Ghesus)". And south of Sogn, in the nortern part of Hordaland, may be also in the middle of Hordaland, just outside Bergen town, they also speak closely like this. But I think the author of the riddle must be from some where in Sogn. But he may have stayed in Bergen for some times, and from there gone to England. If here should be some connection to the Templars: The name Sinclair is well known in Bergen at this time(1500-1800)AD.

In English the solution will be translated to: That was I, Joshua,(8). May be it is better English to write "That was me", but it will be a wrong translation if we compare the Norwegian text. The personal pronoun is written in "Nynorsk" EG, and in "Bokmål" JEG and in English I. But this word could be pronounced different i different parts of Norway: EG, EJ(closely to the English "ai"), E, Æ, JE og JEI.

And at last here is the question where the riddle give us the answer: "Who was (or is) the Shepherd?"(to humankind). And the answer is: "That was(is) I, Joshua".
Who else could it be?

In the middle of May 2007 I was visiting my brother Svein who has been living in London for ten years, working together with people who talk London dialect(Cockney etc). Do you know that a kind of same type of dialect, but in the Norwegian language of course, is spoken at Sunnmøre in Norway? It is called "Halvemål". It came from old Celtic.

In London Svein told me, which I mean is correct: If we put in this OUOSVAVV in the end of the solution, after GH, we may pronounce it in "Ye olde Anglish": Joshua, yeah, just precice: Joshua!!
Wasn't it incredible? This proves also that there is a very good reason that this solution is correct!

In Humbly meaning I sign: Trygve Berge, runeråder and runeslakter(dating and decrypting runic inscription). (Possibly the only one in all over the world who can do this).

Updated June 13, 2007.